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How to care for your dog in the Summers?

Summers mean long afternoon naps and late breezy evenings. But, summers could also mean heat strokes and dehydration!

Normal body temperatures in dogs are warmer than that of us humans, and additionally, with their built-in fur coats, summers could get a little challenging for our paw buddies. Here’s how you can help your pet have a cool, happy summer!

1) Avoid exposure to sunlight for long hours

Dogs do not sweat instead, they pant and look for cool surfaces so that they can cool themselves down. So, sunlight should be avoided for more than one to two hours at a stretch. However, if they are to spend time outdoors, it should be ensured that there is proper shade around and that they drink a lot of water to avoid heat, exhaustion, and dehydration.

2) Do not leave your pet in parked cars

Even with windows slightly open, the insides of a car are capable of reaching really high temperatures on a typical sunny day. Dogs trapped in closed cars could be threatened with brain damage and severe forms of heatstroke so this is to be avoided at all costs.

3) Make sure your pet gets a well-balanced diet and lots of water

Make sure you feed your pet with a well-balanced, energy-dense diet with adequate levels of energy, vitamins, minerals, etc. Summers equal thirst so the provision of ample amounts of freshwater goes without saying.

4) Dogs with thick fur should be well-groomed

Breeds that are furry or dogs that have too much fur should have regular salon sessions during the summers. The thick coat could invite too much heat along with ticks and other bacteria.

5) Avoid exercise sessions under the hot sun

Exercise sessions could be saved for early mornings or done during the evenings, better for both you and your pet. It is also recommended to choose shady places and gardens or lawns instead of roads or surfaces that can turn hot

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