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Wondering How to Take Care of Your Dog? Read This

Today while doing the evening jog, I saw four people digging the soil on the roadside. And, observing closely I saw a dog was lying silently. On my second round, I saw he was still lying in the same position and not making any move. This made me think that he’s no more, and those people are digging for him. And, on my third round, I felt overwhelmed. I went to them asking what happened. As one of them was the owner, with the sad voice he narrated to me that he (the German shepherd) was not well for a month, and today morning he didn’t wake up.

Talking to him I actually realized that we all know about how a paw friend is important in our daily lives. Having a friendly furry face with a wagging tail to come home is not only an excitement but a remedy for loneliness. They bring happiness, love, and companionship along with them. Not only this, they do help humans stay active in many ways by reducing stress, depression, high blood pressure, cholesterol level, and much more. But, are we taking enough care of them? Are we making them healthy and happier?

Sometimes, no matter how hard we try to make them safe, but we fail to rectify their problems, their sufferings. Agree?

So, here we are writing this blog about certain ways to take care of them, and how Housy could be a great help to you. Let’s begin…

4 Ways to Take Care of Your Dog

Like humans, dogs also can experience the ill effects of mental and physical health issues. To evade that it's essential to offer them on-time care. On normal days prior to COVID-19, it was a definite routine for every pet owner to take their pets out for a long walk. As we all spent quite a year at home because of Coronavirus, it’s not just the humans but of course, our four-legged friends too, who suffered a lot. They lost their appetite, became lethargic, and suffered a weak immune system. Now too, things aren’t okay, but we can take care of our pets by taking few common steps. Here are the five ways to make your dog physically fit and mentally alert:

Your Furry Buddy too Needs a Walk

The dogs too need social interaction or bonding to stay mentally and physically fit just like humans. Take them for a walk every day (morning or evening) so that they socialize with other pets and people, play games with them in the park. But, if you aren't comfortable taking them out, don’t worry! Engage them in other activities like climbing up & down staircases, make them run for a while in your balcony or backyard by playing a game.

Say ‘NO’ to these Foods

Often, you might have seen that whenever you eat something in front of your four-legged friend, they always give you a look that whatever you are eating, please share with me too. Isn’t that cute? But, wait, don’t do that ever because that might lead to a disaster.

Remember! Human food isn't dog food too. You need to be cautious about what you are feeding them. Here is the list of food that you ‘must’ avoid for your pet to live as long as you do;

  • Never feed chocolates to your pet as it has caffeine-like stimulants called methylxanthines, which can cause diarrhea, irregular heartbeat, vomiting, seizures, and even death.

  • Fruits like grapes and raisins are toxic that leads to kidney failure.

  • Onions, garlic, or chives can cause gastrointestinal irritation and lead to red blood cell damage.

  • Salty snack foods or nuts (almonds, walnuts, or pecans) contain high amounts of oils and fats, which can cause pancreatitis, tremors, and hyperthermia in pets.

  • Any kind of alcohol or normal human medication (ibuprofen and acetaminophen) can cause serious damage, central nervous system depression, or death.

Get to Know their Moods & Body Language

Remember all your pet needs is love and affection. So, be a good friend to your dog. Make sure you spend a good amount of time with them. Give them all the attention, care, and applauds whenever they need it. It’s important to understand their emotions through their moods and body language. Sometimes, every sound is not barking. One must understand the type of sounds they are making like- a subtle sound where they are asking you to feed them or seeking attention, anger sound towards something they dislike, panting when they are happy, whining when they’re stressed, and so on. Also, it’s not always that your pet is happy socializing. They might feel insecure too by looking here & there when with new beings, cowering, sneezing, or keeping the tail between their legs.

And Most Importantly, Be Patient!

Managing your furry friend is a not-so-easy task. It can be challenging when your dog acts out abnormal or gets super active when he is growing or isn’t picking up on a new training technique. Here comes the role of patience. Yes, you need to be very patient to handle them. If you are irritated or frustrated by any of their activity, give yourself a little break and try to deal with it with some other technique. And, still, if it’s uncontrollable, feel free to consult a vet or a trainer.

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