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Road Trip Checklist for your Paw Buddy

Dogs enjoy vacations and trips just as much as we do, but there are some specific needs to keep in mind when traveling with our pets. As their caretakers, we need to assure the dog’s eating, travel & aids are checked off before beginning the trip. We’ve compiled for you the ultimate road trip check-list to travel with your dogs with all the requirements you need to worry about, just under one WOOF!

  • A dog collar with a name tag to hold proper contact details

  • Food for the journey

  • Food and water bowls for outdoor use

  • A sturdy leash and a comfortable collar

  • Your pet’s favorite bedding

  • Their favorite toy to keep them entertained

  • Tick and flea prevention treatments

  • A career for small/ medium-sized dogs

  • First aid in case of emergencies

  • A photo of your pet in case they get lost

Happy road tripping adventure, to you and your furry friend!

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