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Your Pet’s Hygiene Checklist

Having a pet is a very liberating and rewarding experience, but, it also comes with a lot of duties. Pet parents refer to their dogs as babies, and they’re definitely not wrong there! Just like a baby would, your dog has a lot of responsibilities that need to be taken care of by you. Apart from factors like health and nutrition, hygiene too is an integral element that needs to be considered regularly. From your paw buddy’s fur to his nails, everything needs to be paid close attention to.

Here is a list of aspects that will help you mold & maintain your dog’s hygiene in the best possible way and deal with it like a pro!

1. Stay timely with vaccinations

Get a timetable from your vet and stick to it. Delaying or skipping vaccination days will only cause long-term harm with regard to health problems.

2. Shower Routine

Your pet might not require a bath as frequently as you do, but trust us, it is equally important! For a shiny fur coat and clean, healthy skin, a shower routine is a must.

3. Ticks and fleas are a big No!

Rolling in the dirt, walking on the streets, playing away in the grass, your dog might be having the time of his life, but there’s no denying that he can catch ticks and fleas, anywhere- anytime. Get your pet checked at the vet and also try using tick-removal products.

4. Nail clipping, Teeth cleaning and Coat trimming

Long nails could mean dirty nails leading to health issues and could also affect your pet’s posture. Being the foodies that they are, cleaning your dogs’ teeth cannot be skipped at any cost. Trimming the coat allows the skin to breathe and also helps prevent ticks and fleas.

5. Clean bed and toys

Your pet’s cozy bed with his favorite cushions in the corner could very well be a breeding ground for germs, if not cleaned regularly. Cleanse and disinfect the bed at least once a month!

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